menjanda :|

status : JANDA

i LOVE him so MUCH ! but TADE JODOH suda . saya terima ajek . sy lepas kan dye sebb kwn sy syg dye jugk . demi kwn sy lepas kan org yg sy syg . ye ! sy SAYANG dye . tapi sy xnk jugk buang kwn sy dr hdp sy . kwn is more mportant than him . but i LOVE him . i let him bcoz my fren really need him . she really want him . dr dulu smpi skrg she still waiting him . but now she get want she want . 

even i feel bad but i accept this cz i knoe he can happy with her . he can make his life more happy with her than he get from me . yaaaaa im sucks . i am not good enough . i am shit gurl but just want i knoe that i love him ! oh god .. please help me 4 facing this sucks thing ever .
i hope u happy with her . u can love she more more and more than me . i let you go now . just go n make it my fren happy . i deserve to get this sucks thing . just go and don look back syg . cz i never waiting u again ! 

i try to forget u now n ever ! becz i dont want to hope something that never change :) u and her can be a great couple ever ! bye syg :|